Ectoplasm, n.

Pronunciation:  /ˈɛktəʊplaz(ə)m/

A viscous substance which is supposed to emanate from the body of a spiritualistic medium, and to develop into a human form or face.

Ectoplasm is a viscous substance alleged to be produced or 'exteriorised' by the body of a seance medium, while in a trance state.[1]

Usually white in colour, this supposedly supernatural substance was often observed to be excreted from bodily orifices including, but not limited to the ears, nose and mouth.

Investigation into the production and origin of ectoplasmic substances was undertaken by the Society for Psychical Research, who found numerous incidences of fraudulent activity including 'ectoplasm' consisting of chewed paper, which was assumed to have been regurgitated by the medium during a seance, butter muslin or cheesecloth.

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